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About Me

About me:


This is Snehas. I’m an engineer by profession who’s worked in several organizations across North America. We all know that stress is a big problem in modern society and I have been looking for a solution to ease anxiety. I’ve found that meditation is a very effective strategy. I’ve been practicing meditation for a while now and wanted to share my passion with everyone.

Why Meditation?

I’m very passionate about meditations. I have been practicing meditation and pranayama for a long time  and found out the huge potentials of improving health and wellness through practicing meditations. So I wanted to help people like you to know more about different meditation and its effect on body and mind and practice them.

Why this website?

Recently, I came in touch with an Internet affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate. This Wealthy Affiliate program has inspired me to develop this “meditation and weight loss” website and I got an opportunity to research on meditation and pranayama which has always been my passion. Developing this website is my hobby not a business. To learn more about affiliate program please click here


You only live once, so live your life to the fullest. This website’s is not build for selling any meditation products or services such as CD, training etc. I neither solicit nor gather user information. I volunteer my time to this site and will spare no effort to ensure that the information here is correct – however, I could sometimes be wrong or make mistakes  and your help in correcting these is appreciated.  The main goal is to let everybody know about meditation and yoga and guide them how to live a happy and successful life. Please don’t hesitate to leave and comments, questions and concerns. Thank you for visiting this site.

It's me - Snehas Bhowmik

Welcome and thanks for visiting this site.

Snehas Bhowmik

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